Rosh Hashanah Dinner Details

Hi everyone! We’re looking forward to see you all for Rosh Hashanah dinner on Wednesday night, September 24. Please note that we will NOT be at our usual Glebe location for this dinner. Instead, we will be in the Centrepointe neighbourhood in Nepean.

Here’s what’s happening: we’ll be davening (holding services) that evening at one location, and then enjoying dinner at a different location, just a few blocks away. Everyone is welcome to join us for services and then walk over together with the group to the dinner location, or go straight to the dinner location and meet us there. Here’s the time and location details:

6:40pm – Evening Services – NCSY Centre, 261 Centrepointe Drive (Please note that we are one of two groups holding services in that plaza over the High Holidays, so please find us at the JET services in the NCSY Centre.)

7:45pm – Dinner – Home of Kathi & Irwin Schweitzer, 37 Northgate Street

Shana tova! Looking forward!

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