A Message of Thanks

Last week, Stacy and I were blessed with the birth of our son, Moshe.  It has been a hectic and exciting week, one in which we have been overwhelmed by the generosity and graciousness of our family, friends, and the entire Glebe Shul community. From little errands to baby gifts to delivered dinners, we have been showered with kindness in a way that has made us feel truly loved, and deeply blessed.

On a practical level, all of these kindnesses have enabled Stacy to do something that she has rarely allows herself to do: sit still.  She doesn’t need to be cooking her next meal, or researching her next workshop, or fixing something up around the house.  She can’t get back to running yet, she’s not at work, and Glebe Shul Shabbat dinners are on (temporary) hold.  All that exists in the world right now is her and her baby.  (Her husband is somewhere there in the background too.  Somewhere.)  It’s a period of calm and focus that we rarely allow into our lives, and it has been a wonderful period of connection for me, Stacy, and Moshe as we grow together into a family.

I have many thoughts on parenthood, on Moshe, and on this exciting new time in our lives, and I hope to share those thoughts in future blog posts.  For now I just want to thank the Glebe Shul community for enabling us to have this time.  To those of you who have been helping out with little favours and errands: thank you for your time, energy, and care.  And for everyone at the Glebe Shul, thank you for your understanding as we have this temporary hiatus from Glebe Shul Shabbat activity (Scotch & God on Tuesday nights is still on) to focus inward on our family.  We hope to be back in the Shabbat dinner rhythm soon (no concrete date yet, but maybe another 4-6 weeks), but in the meantime we thank you for your patience, understanding, kindness, and love as Stacy, Moshe, and I work to develop our own Goldstein family rhythm.  We look forward to starting up again soon, and introducing everyone to the Glebe Shul’s newest (and cutest, and smartest) member.

Thank you!

About Rabbi Michael Goldstein

Michael is the Rabbi of the Glebe Shul.
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